Fallout is Dragons

Attack on Smaug

Session 15

DJ Smack Talk’s Broadcast

“Hey, everypony! It’s DJ Smack Talk again. On the air for our third day running, and it’s still as magical as ever. Anyway, time for some news.
Now I know what you all want to hear. You wanna hear of the story of Skyfall, the Dragon Mawlers, and one giant literally bloody dragon by the name of Smaug. Well, the facts are in. The Dragon Mawlers kicked some major butt! Smaug is dead, Skyfall is still in one piece, and that’s three out of seven curses that are GONE from the Maw! Oh, and I guess some other guys called the Black Lotus Prospectors helped too, since they drew Smaug out of his cave and such, but really, we know who the real heroes are. Keep rockin’ it, Dragon Mawlers! Oh, and to Firelight, who I’ve heard is leaving to help play doctor to the ponies of Skyfall, I gotta say – you’re one heck of an awesome pony. You’re gonna be hard to replace.
Not much else in the way of news, cuz I mean really, how are you gonna top that. So let’s get back to the tunes!”

(After this session, AK Codeman (Firelight’s player) had to leave the game for the summer.)



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