Fallout is Dragons

Backstab Aftermath, B-Team Interviews, & Changeling Jailbreak

Sessions 20, 20.5, & 20.75

Previously, in Dragon’s Maw…

After dealing with Tanis, the party returned to Skyfall to find that the Backstab Curse had briefly expanded out into the recently uncursed territories, exposing everypony’s secret thoughts to each other. A few ponies died for this, including one Quick Study, found dead in Blinkie’s store. With a bit of necromancy, the party found out that Quick Study found out through the curse that his wife of six years was a changeling feeding off his love. Sweet Secret, changeling name Chica, confessed that she’d killed him in self-defense when Quick Study went into a rage at the revelation, and was arrested by the Skyfall guards.

Shortly after, Steel Ranger Star Paladin Lilypad arrived, informing the Dragon Mawlers that Slayer Base had been affected by the curse as well. Head Paladin Razor Apple and Initiate Carrot Stick, once they realized that potentially half the base were secretly or sympathetic to Applejack’s Rangers, attempted a coup to take over the base and weed out the unwanted elements. They were repelled to the surface, but the loyalist Steel Rangers responded by trapping and blockading all entrances to the base and jamming communications. Lilypad approached the Dragon Mawlers hoping for an alternative solution, and over the evening the party arrived at a very tentative course of action.

That same evening, a number of capable acquaintances from around the Maw arrived at Blinkie’s store, offering to help if needed. The party decided to organize a sort of B-Team that they could send around the Maw to cover more ground. Interviews were held, and the party has very nearly decided on who should go on the team.

Finally, Powder Keg and Xencarn, with a little help from Flotsam, managed to fake Chica’s death and get her out of prison.



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