Fallout is Dragons

Filly Flotsam's Quest for the Forest's Heart

Session 17.5

While the party was getting ready for the assault on Tanis and the Tainted Abyss, Flotsam decided to engage the party in a bit of R&R in the form of Mythical Realms, a tabletop roleplaying game. (Yes, this was a recursive roleplaying session!)

Flotsam was the GM.
Powder Keg was a breezie bard named Periwinkle.
Javolt was a unicorn wizard named Hocus Pocus.
Xencarn was an earth-pony druid.
Tempered Steel was a rogue.
Aurelia was a unicorn paladin of light.
Blinkie was a barbarian. (“Rah.”)

Adventure and shenanigans in the forest kingdom ensued.



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