Fallout is Dragons

DJ Smack Talk’s Broadcast

“Hey, everypony. DJ Smack Talk, here, uh… Kind of a slow news day. Nothing much really happened after word of Smaug’s defeat went out, other than the usual, ‘Hey, we’re still alive and making progress!’ celebrations went around. But I guess that’s fine; you should always take a break after slaying a dragon. As for the Dragon Mawlers, I heard that they had some trouble with Tempered Steel… running away or something? That can’t be right. Why would Tempered Steel just run away like that? But either way I heard he got back, so I guess all’s well that ends well. Oh, and now the Dragon Mawlers have a new medic, by the name of… Dr. Tibbs? Fractured Tibia? What’s a Tibia, even? Is that even a thing? Apologies for the lack of enthusiasm today, listeners, uh… Just some personal stuff I’m dealing with, is all. Let’s get back to the tunes before today’s broadcast becomes even MORE of a trainwreck, shall we?”

Now, of course, what DJ Smack Talk’s broadcast doesn’t cover is that
Previously, in Dragon’s Maw,
the group was called down to the inner workings of the ship known as Skyfall to see if they could help figure out how to unlock its dormant functions. While the town was able to get its magical shield up and running through extensive jury-rigging, all of the other functions were locked past a central mainframe they couldn’t access. Three passwords and a DNA lock stand in the way of total access. One password, the Skyfall engineers have already managed to hack. And at the end of the session, the DNA lock accepted Flotsam’s DNA signature.



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