Fallout is Dragons

DJ Smack Talk’s Broadcast

“Hey, everypony! DJ Smack Talk here again. Just wanna say thanks for all the calls you’ve been sending in, all the kind words of support. And the threats, too, actually. Makes us feel like a legitimate Wasteland radio, ha! Anyway, time for some news!
Time for your favorite segment: Where are the Dragon Mawlers now? Well, last I heard, they were just exiting Skyfall. See, they got wind of the slaver gang run by a unicorn named Stalker. Now this ain’t your average slaver gang. It’s super-well funded, probably by The Executive – yeah, I know you’re listening you fat sack of… anyway – and get this, Stalker’s gang only goes after ex-raiders. Yeah. If you’re lookin’ to get out of the Four Horses business, and frankly with the Raider-Killer on the loose why wouldn’t you, then you better watch out that you don’t get picked up by slavers. Youch. Hopefully our local dragon-slayers are on their way to deal with that right now. More as that develops.
Some other headlines for you ponies (and other) out there:
A source in Gold Rush tells me that the town’s officially planning to expand with more homes, due to a wave of new Outcasts. All thanks to the Dragon Mawlers, of course.
In the town of Ribcage, after like three months of being banned, the Cult of Tiamat is finally allowed to preach their gospel within its walls again. Huh, wonder what changed.
And finally in Skyfall, the town’s all abuzz because… heh, abuzz becuz, ha, classic… uh, right, the Black Lotus Prospectors are making another run on a dragon. I’ve been asked not to share the details so that no one tries to poach ‘em, but screw it. Hey, Dragon Mawlers! The Black Lotus guys are headed for the Blood dragon! If you’re anywhere near that area, now’s the time to go for it!
Whew! Man, all that news was exhausting. Back to the music. I’m just gonna select a record at random and just play it, see how that goes…”



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