Fallout is Dragons

Temple of Tanis

Session 19

DJ Smack Talk’s Broadcast

“Whew! Hey, everypony. DJ Smack Talk here. It’s been another crazy, crazy day in the Dragon’s Maw. Let me see if I can catch you all up as quick as possible. Pay attention.

So the Dragon Mawlers and the Black Lotus Prospectors ventured down into the Tainted Abyss, or at least some of them, while the rest stayed behind to watch each other and make sure no backstabbing happened. Down there, they presumably ran into the dragon responsible for the Backstab Curse and killed it. But not before something very weird happened. See, apparently, since three of the dragons are dead and their curses have been lifted, this particular dragon was able to expand its influence over those free areas. So until the Mawlers actually killed it, these formerly curse-free places were under an extreme form of the Backstab Curse, in which everypony’s thoughts were projected to everypony else, for about five minutes. You can imagine what kind of chaos that would cause. I can confirm it got all the way up to our humble little tower, though thankfully none of us were thinking anything particularly backstabby. Reports are still coming in, but it seems like Gold Rush was more or less spared, Skyfall was definitely hit, and… we’re… Sorry, can’t talk about that on the air. Um, anyway, Dragon Mawlers slayed another dragon, and they’re more than welcome to come back to the tower anytime. Hear that Mawlers? You’re more than welcome to come back to Crackle Radio AT YOUR EARLIEST CONVENIENCE.

That’s it for the news for now, everypony. More as more reports come in. Stay safe and stay alive. This is gonna get rougher before it gets better."



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