Fallout is Dragons

The Dragon Wasteland

Session 10

Previously, in Dragon’s Maw…

The party departed from Gold Rush and traveled south along the road, armed with passcodes from both Sarge and Trip for dealing with Slayer Base, home of the Steel Rangers in the Maw. They stopped at the Dine ‘n’ Dash Trading Post to buy supplies and get some food. At that time, Powder Keg met a pony named Blinkie who worked there, and inexplicably became attracted to her calm, blunt personality. While they were waiting, they heard about the Forever Sleep Clinic nearby, and heard about how nopony who’d ever investigated ever came back. The party decided checking it out would be a great idea. The clinic was filled with a toxin and inhabited by some kind of blind, semi-psychic, radioactive entity wielding medical knives as weapons. The party dealt with it by blowing up a good half of the building, and sending in another bomb-zombie to finish the job. Afterwards, they raided the building, and discovered some supplies, a stamp for Blinkie’s collection, and just two shell-shocked survivors. They returned to the Dine ‘n’ Dash to deliver the good news, along with sending the survivors on their way and giving the stamp to Blinkie. Blinkie was impressed enough to go on a date with Powder Keg that evening, while the rest of the party continued south to Shiny’s Rest Stop – a ruined rest area that nonetheless seemed to be a decent and often-used shelter for wastelanders. The party made camp there and got their rest.



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