Fallout is Dragons

The Slayer Crisis

Session 21

DJ Smack Talk’s Broadcast

“Hey, everypony! DJ Smack Talk here. Man, what a day we had yesterday! I couldn’t talk about it before, but now that the situation’s passed, I might as well. See, the Backstab Curse thing that hit Skyfall and us here at the tower also hit Slayer Base, and hit it bad. I don’t know how much you ponies know about the difference between loyalist Steel Rangers and Applejack’s Rangers, but suffice to say the jerkbag former had the somewhat decent latter locked up in their own base in a stalemate. In ride the Dragon Mawlers, with War himself leading a small army not far behind. Looks like between those two factors, the Steel Rangers were convinced to merge back into one again so that they can keep on being a powerful force in the Maw. I’d ask War what he thinks about helping unite so many ponies, but unfortunately he wasn’t available for questioning, on account of being dead. That’s right, Powder Keg the Raider-Killer, took on War in single combat and came out on top. If that doesn’t get you bad ponies in the Maw scared, nothing else will. Now, what does that mean for the Four Horses? Well, War’s gang is usually pretty honorable about these sorts of things, and no doubt there’ll be another pony in the raider chain of command to take up the title, even if he won’t be as badass as the original War. Equestria turns, life goes on, and war… well, war changes a little bit, apparently. Back to the tunes!”



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