Fractured Tibia (AKA Dr. Tibbs)

Earth Pony doctor/dealer.


Player: Great Dinn

Art by DallyDaydream

Google Docs character sheet

Additional Notes:
Joined the party in Session 16.


“Hold still.

I said hold still!

Look, mate, ya say ya feel bonzer, but I’ll bet if I don’t take a squizz at that leg, you’ll wind up limping yer way into a gunfight and worse off than even I can fix.

Fine then, hold still or I’ll go an’ break yer other leg. That sound ripper?

Good. An’ if ya keep bein’ a good patient, I’ll even set you up with a mull. See? Gimme a fair go, and I’m not such a bad pony after all.

Now, I’ll need you to bite down on this stick, ‘cause I need to set this, it’s gonna hurt like a bitch, and I don’t want to have to sew yer tongue back to the rest of ya.

All right, there was a bit more blood than I expected, but there’s only so much I can do with you strugglin’ like that. Woulda tied you down, but I expect you woulda been brumby either way. Regardless, yer patched up, the bleedin’ stopped, and you’ll be able to keep that leg. She’ll be apples in a week or two.

All things considered, we’ll call it square for this little procedure. The four hundred caps you owed me before I broke that leg however, you’ll need to pay off eventually. As it so happens though, I need someone to deliver some of my product to Gold Rush. Do that, and you’ll be ace. Don’t, and I’ll break more than your leg next time.”

Fractured Tibia (AKA Dr. Tibbs)

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