Follower of the Apocalypse.


Player: AK Codeman

Art by DallyDaydream

Google Docs character sheet

Additional Notes:
Left the party after Session 15. Currently residing in Skyfall.


Firelight has been a member of the Followers of the Apocalypse for several years. After being seriously injured in a slaver raid he was taken to a Followers encampment by a stallion named Green Hoof and his daughter Daisy where they healed his wounds. Once healed Firelight decided to stay with the Followers, learning about medicine and becoming a full member quickly and became an adopted son of Green Hoofs. Though he knows a decent amount about medicine he also acted as a bodyguard and protector for the encampment. Then one day after stories of little pip were heard slavers were being driven out of the wasteland, Firelight, Green Hoof and Daisy were on an expedition to a settlement too help and was attacked by a group of slavers. Firelight after freeing Green Hoof and Daisy tried to make their escape, while on the run Green Hoof and Daisy were killed by the slavers. Firelight now on his own returns to the Followers, but with Green Hoof and Daisy gone the Followers no longer felt like home and only reminded him of them and the slavers. Now joining a caravan to the Dragon’s Maw, in hope of getting away from the Equestrian Wasteland and slavers as much as possible.

Vengeful and destructive at times he sometimes lets his anger get the better of him, though he tries his best to help people and only do harm as a last resort. Very cautious by nature, the wastelands a pretty dangerous place after all. Will crack jokes at times to help improve spirits, but usually tries to keep a cheery face as a façade.


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