Pegasus filly demolitionist.


Player: DallyDaydream

Art by DallyDaydream

Google Docs character sheet

Additional Notes:
Has a pet cragodile named Craggy, adopted in Session 1.


Flotsam was found, nearly dead, on the banks of a river, by siblings Summer Snow and Green Grass, who took her back to their father Oak in their home of Hayditch. She was so young that she had no way to get back up to wherever she’d fallen from. The earth pony family took her in, nursed her back to health, and gave her her name.

She grew to be wilful and resourceful, and very spirited. She was fascinated with technology, and would often scavenge for scrap metal and other junk when she was supposed to be looking for food.

One awful day, slavers attacked Hayditch. While the other foals were hidden away, Flotsam went straight to a cache of grenades she wasn’t supposed to touch, and lobbed one at a couple of the attackers. The sight of their bodies exploding caused a rush of exhilaration for Flotsam before the bomb’s blast knocked her out. When she awoke, she was chided for her recklessness by a Steel Ranger who, with a couple of her companions, had pitched in to save Hayditch. But Flotsam was not discouraged. She had earned her cutie mark; a lit fuse.

When Flotsam learned more about the Steel Rangers, especially about their mission to salvage rare technology, she right away decided she wanted to be one, despite protestations from her family. She started working more on her weapons skills, constructing homemade armour and bombs.

She met that same Steel Ranger, Clank, once again, in the aftermath of a skirmish with a band of raiders. Flotsam pestered her with questions, and though Clank was mostly impatient with the young filly, she did mention that one of the places the Steel Rangers were considering as a source of invaluable technology was somewhere called the Dragon’s Maw.

On the way back home, picking her way over the corpses of raiders, Flotsam realised with an unpleasant lurch just how close they had come to Hayditch. Home just wasn’t as safe as it used to be, but surely there had to be a way to protect it. It was at that moment Flotsam decided she needed to find out more about Dragon’s Maw.


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