Tempered Steel

Minotaur champion of JUSTICE!


Player: Space Jawa

Art by Space Jawa

Google Docs character sheet


Across the Wasteland a Minotaur goes
What is his history? Who really knows?
Ask what his name is, the answer will be:
That Minotaur is Tempered Steel!

Fighting for justice wherever he goes
A hammer he carries for smiting his foes!
If you’re a villain then this you should know:
Best watch out for Tempered Steel!

The poncho he wears hides both him and his past
As he fights each battle both fearsome and fast
Trying to make evil stop in its tracks
If you want mercy best
Stay on his good side then

You will know his presence by the boisterous cry that he roars out
He’ll strike the sky with his thunder hammer as he runs and shouts
Justice he fights for wherever he can find criminals
He don’t take no bull from no one

If you’re bad
Best watch out for
Tempered Steel!

Tempered Steel

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