Zebra novice Necromancer.


Art by PuppetRhymes

Google Docs character sheet


From the Journal of Xencarn: 001

Click, Whir

“Hello? Is this thing on? I guess it is. Anyway, I’m recording this just to you know.. get my thoughts upon the table. I only have so much time on the tape so I’ll give you a quick rundown. My name is Xencarn, and I’m a Zebra, a Necromancer Ex-Apprentice and apparently one of Equestria’s greatest enemies, for you know being a Zebra. I’ve been wondering this Megaspell ravaged wasteland to find a new master after I lost my old one out of stupidity, trying to teach myself what he neglected and flat out refused to teach.

Why am I heading to Dragons Maw? Well, the Dragons. Dragons are a species that lived for generations! There are even rumours that one is still alive to this day, surviving by sleeping through the war! I don’t know if that’s true, but if maybe there longevity is some form of innate magic and if we could study it perhaps it could be replicated? Imagine.. creatures that could live forever, the time I would have to study? To learn how to properly use the nature of necromancy and death…

So yeah.. that’s my reasons essentially for joining up with the caravans and heading out into one of the most dangerous and frankly interesting places in the waste, wish me luck alright?



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