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War… War never changes.

In the southern reaches of the magical land of Equestria, there was a place known as the Badlands. It was a region devoid of life and civilization, where only the toughest monsters lived. And the most feared and most powerful of all these monsters were the mighty dragons. Technically at peace with Equestria, yet fiercely territorial, the dragons called the volcanoes and canyons of the Badlands their home.

Yet when the ponies and zebras rained spellfire down on each other, even the dragons were not spared from total destruction. Those who were not decimated by the balefire blasts were torn apart by necrotic magic, and those who were not torn apart by necrotic magic were fatally poisoned by intense radiation. After a single generation, the last of the Badlands dragons perished, and the region fell quiet for two centuries.

When ponies left their underground Stables and began to colonize the Equestrian Wasteland, the Badlands was one of the last places to be rediscovered. Of course, that is not what they called the region. With the skeletons of dragons dotting the landscape, and the great cracks in the earth forming fang-like spires around the entire region, there was only one name for this transformed territory:

Dragon’s Maw.

Dragon’s Maw quickly gained a reputation for being one of the harshest environments in the wasteland. Out of all the rumors it spawned, the Gunsmith’s Curse stands out the most. It’s said that the precious guns and ammo of the Equestrian Wasteland simply fail in the Maw. They jam and break down more easily the moment they enter. “Always bring a knife to the Maw,” it is said. “When your guns break and your friends fall, at least the blade won’t fail you.”

Despite all this, Dragon’s Maw is somewhat settled, drawing in travelers from across the wasteland, seduced by its promise of unguarded dragon riches and ancient artifacts. Those who come to Dragon’s Maw in search of gold or power are known as Prospectors. Those who stay, whether because they’ve given up hope of finding treasure or because they have nowhere else to go (or both), are known as Outcasts.

You are part of a caravan of new Prospectors, each coming to Dragon’s Maw for your own reasons. Behind you, the Equestrian Wasteland is changing, perhaps for the better. You might have heard the name Littlepip in your travels. But none of that affects the journey you are about to take. It takes a long time for change to reach remote places like Dragon’s Maw, where a wasteland is still a wasteland, and war… war never changes.

Fallout is Dragons

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