Fallout is Dragons

The Slayer Crisis
Session 21

DJ Smack Talk’s Broadcast

“Hey, everypony! DJ Smack Talk here. Man, what a day we had yesterday! I couldn’t talk about it before, but now that the situation’s passed, I might as well. See, the Backstab Curse thing that hit Skyfall and us here at the tower also hit Slayer Base, and hit it bad. I don’t know how much you ponies know about the difference between loyalist Steel Rangers and Applejack’s Rangers, but suffice to say the jerkbag former had the somewhat decent latter locked up in their own base in a stalemate. In ride the Dragon Mawlers, with War himself leading a small army not far behind. Looks like between those two factors, the Steel Rangers were convinced to merge back into one again so that they can keep on being a powerful force in the Maw. I’d ask War what he thinks about helping unite so many ponies, but unfortunately he wasn’t available for questioning, on account of being dead. That’s right, Powder Keg the Raider-Killer, took on War in single combat and came out on top. If that doesn’t get you bad ponies in the Maw scared, nothing else will. Now, what does that mean for the Four Horses? Well, War’s gang is usually pretty honorable about these sorts of things, and no doubt there’ll be another pony in the raider chain of command to take up the title, even if he won’t be as badass as the original War. Equestria turns, life goes on, and war… well, war changes a little bit, apparently. Back to the tunes!”

Backstab Aftermath, B-Team Interviews, & Changeling Jailbreak
Sessions 20, 20.5, & 20.75

Previously, in Dragon’s Maw…

After dealing with Tanis, the party returned to Skyfall to find that the Backstab Curse had briefly expanded out into the recently uncursed territories, exposing everypony’s secret thoughts to each other. A few ponies died for this, including one Quick Study, found dead in Blinkie’s store. With a bit of necromancy, the party found out that Quick Study found out through the curse that his wife of six years was a changeling feeding off his love. Sweet Secret, changeling name Chica, confessed that she’d killed him in self-defense when Quick Study went into a rage at the revelation, and was arrested by the Skyfall guards.

Shortly after, Steel Ranger Star Paladin Lilypad arrived, informing the Dragon Mawlers that Slayer Base had been affected by the curse as well. Head Paladin Razor Apple and Initiate Carrot Stick, once they realized that potentially half the base were secretly or sympathetic to Applejack’s Rangers, attempted a coup to take over the base and weed out the unwanted elements. They were repelled to the surface, but the loyalist Steel Rangers responded by trapping and blockading all entrances to the base and jamming communications. Lilypad approached the Dragon Mawlers hoping for an alternative solution, and over the evening the party arrived at a very tentative course of action.

That same evening, a number of capable acquaintances from around the Maw arrived at Blinkie’s store, offering to help if needed. The party decided to organize a sort of B-Team that they could send around the Maw to cover more ground. Interviews were held, and the party has very nearly decided on who should go on the team.

Finally, Powder Keg and Xencarn, with a little help from Flotsam, managed to fake Chica’s death and get her out of prison.

Temple of Tanis
Session 19

DJ Smack Talk’s Broadcast

“Whew! Hey, everypony. DJ Smack Talk here. It’s been another crazy, crazy day in the Dragon’s Maw. Let me see if I can catch you all up as quick as possible. Pay attention.

So the Dragon Mawlers and the Black Lotus Prospectors ventured down into the Tainted Abyss, or at least some of them, while the rest stayed behind to watch each other and make sure no backstabbing happened. Down there, they presumably ran into the dragon responsible for the Backstab Curse and killed it. But not before something very weird happened. See, apparently, since three of the dragons are dead and their curses have been lifted, this particular dragon was able to expand its influence over those free areas. So until the Mawlers actually killed it, these formerly curse-free places were under an extreme form of the Backstab Curse, in which everypony’s thoughts were projected to everypony else, for about five minutes. You can imagine what kind of chaos that would cause. I can confirm it got all the way up to our humble little tower, though thankfully none of us were thinking anything particularly backstabby. Reports are still coming in, but it seems like Gold Rush was more or less spared, Skyfall was definitely hit, and… we’re… Sorry, can’t talk about that on the air. Um, anyway, Dragon Mawlers slayed another dragon, and they’re more than welcome to come back to the tower anytime. Hear that Mawlers? You’re more than welcome to come back to Crackle Radio AT YOUR EARLIEST CONVENIENCE.

That’s it for the news for now, everypony. More as more reports come in. Stay safe and stay alive. This is gonna get rougher before it gets better."

The Tainted Abyss
Session 18

Previously, in Dragon’s Maw…

After spending some time with Flotsam playing a game of Mythical Realms, the party was summoned again by a slightly singed Chase, the recent victim of an explosive missive. Silver Wrench had been the messenger, but the party determined he wasn’t the mastermind, but perhaps one of the construction ponies he’d spoken to in Gold Rush, taking a cut from The Executive. Between that and The Executive’s publicly announced plans to join the Cult of Tiamat, Powder Keg became determined to change priorities from the dragons to dealing with The Executive directly once and for all. But since they’d made a promise, and The Executive was on the other side of the Maw by now, the group decided to deal with the current dragon for now. And so they left Skyfall, alongside the Black Lotus Prospectors.

As soon as they entered the Backstab Curse territory proper, it started affecting them. Tempers flared as the party’s paranoia turned them against each other, and Javolt’s mad laughter didn’t help. It took Powder Keg’s Loyalty to get the group out from under the mental influence of the curse, but not before Tempered Steel took one in the family jewels, courtesy of Dr. Tibbs. Shortly after, the combined party reached the edge of the radiation zone surrounding the Tainted Abyss, so the smaller group of Dr. Tibbs, Aurelia, Excalibur, Zephyr, and IGOR went in by themselves, with Xencarn following along silently in soul form and the rest of the group monitoring through radio and video.

They reached the Tainted Abyss, a great spiraling crevasse filled with intense radiation and Taint residue. At the bottom they found a crystal orb known as the Lens of Truth, but it was cracked. Xencarn’s magical analysis told them they had to feed the orb hidden truths in order to restore its power, since it was the key to unlocking Tanis’s lair. Dr. Tibbs offered up a confession, Xencarn shared something in secret, and the final truth came from Aurelia, who admitted she found Excalibur kind of weirdly attractive. With that, the group awkwardly made their way down to the bottom, and installed the Lens of Truth into an ornate stone gate. The Lens shone, the gate opened, and the exploration team discovered that the Lens was now broadcasting their thoughts to each other, including Xencarn because he messed up his magical examination and tapped into the feed as well. But regardless, the gates to the dragon Tanis’s lair are now open.

Filly Flotsam's Quest for the Forest's Heart
Session 17.5

While the party was getting ready for the assault on Tanis and the Tainted Abyss, Flotsam decided to engage the party in a bit of R&R in the form of Mythical Realms, a tabletop roleplaying game. (Yes, this was a recursive roleplaying session!)

Flotsam was the GM.
Powder Keg was a breezie bard named Periwinkle.
Javolt was a unicorn wizard named Hocus Pocus.
Xencarn was an earth-pony druid.
Tempered Steel was a rogue.
Aurelia was a unicorn paladin of light.
Blinkie was a barbarian. (“Rah.”)

Adventure and shenanigans in the forest kingdom ensued.

GES New Dawn
Session 17

DJ Smack Talk’s Broadcast

“Hey, everypony! DJ Smack Talk here, and it’s time for some news!

Skyfall continues to be a hotbed for all the weird and dangerous crap in the Maw. Just yesterday, the whole city nearly blew up with its own payload. Word is that the ponies who made the ship were complete dickbags and had a failsafe for in case us normal surface ponies ever tried to get ’er running. Lucky for them that the Dragon Mawlers were there to save the day. I think that serves as a reminder to everypony out there – stay vigilant, stay watchful. You never know if you might be sitting on a nuke waiting to go off."

Runaway Steel
Session 16

DJ Smack Talk’s Broadcast

“Hey, everypony. DJ Smack Talk, here, uh… Kind of a slow news day. Nothing much really happened after word of Smaug’s defeat went out, other than the usual, ‘Hey, we’re still alive and making progress!’ celebrations went around. But I guess that’s fine; you should always take a break after slaying a dragon. As for the Dragon Mawlers, I heard that they had some trouble with Tempered Steel… running away or something? That can’t be right. Why would Tempered Steel just run away like that? But either way I heard he got back, so I guess all’s well that ends well. Oh, and now the Dragon Mawlers have a new medic, by the name of… Dr. Tibbs? Fractured Tibia? What’s a Tibia, even? Is that even a thing? Apologies for the lack of enthusiasm today, listeners, uh… Just some personal stuff I’m dealing with, is all. Let’s get back to the tunes before today’s broadcast becomes even MORE of a trainwreck, shall we?”

Now, of course, what DJ Smack Talk’s broadcast doesn’t cover is that
Previously, in Dragon’s Maw,
the group was called down to the inner workings of the ship known as Skyfall to see if they could help figure out how to unlock its dormant functions. While the town was able to get its magical shield up and running through extensive jury-rigging, all of the other functions were locked past a central mainframe they couldn’t access. Three passwords and a DNA lock stand in the way of total access. One password, the Skyfall engineers have already managed to hack. And at the end of the session, the DNA lock accepted Flotsam’s DNA signature.

Attack on Smaug
Session 15

DJ Smack Talk’s Broadcast

“Hey, everypony! It’s DJ Smack Talk again. On the air for our third day running, and it’s still as magical as ever. Anyway, time for some news.
Now I know what you all want to hear. You wanna hear of the story of Skyfall, the Dragon Mawlers, and one giant literally bloody dragon by the name of Smaug. Well, the facts are in. The Dragon Mawlers kicked some major butt! Smaug is dead, Skyfall is still in one piece, and that’s three out of seven curses that are GONE from the Maw! Oh, and I guess some other guys called the Black Lotus Prospectors helped too, since they drew Smaug out of his cave and such, but really, we know who the real heroes are. Keep rockin’ it, Dragon Mawlers! Oh, and to Firelight, who I’ve heard is leaving to help play doctor to the ponies of Skyfall, I gotta say – you’re one heck of an awesome pony. You’re gonna be hard to replace.
Not much else in the way of news, cuz I mean really, how are you gonna top that. So let’s get back to the tunes!”

(After this session, AK Codeman (Firelight’s player) had to leave the game for the summer.)

Stalker's Camp
Session 14.5

Excerpt from Stories of the Maw: Xencarn’s Great Escape

The Dragon Mawlers party met Stalker, a slaver gang leader with a drawl suspiciously similar to Powder Keg’s, who was working in the Maw and specifically targeting ex-raiders. He met them in Skyfall to deliver a message, paraphrased: “To Burner and Brass Knuckles, if you’re considering attacking me, you should be aware that I have people very close to you at my camp. I am, however, open to bargain for their release, if you’re interested.”

After Stalker left, their medic Firelight left the room in a huff, and the zebra necromancer Xencarn followed. Firelight was privately very disturbed by Stalker’s message. Xencarn suggested that they go off to Stalker’s camp to investigate the truth of things. Firelight accepted, and the two of them went on ahead.

At the camp, Firelight and Xencarn were welcomed as business customers, albeit customers kept under heavily armed watch. Stalker introduced first introduced them to Trigger, a blind pony from Firelight’s past, previously assumed dead. He then showed them Copper Wire, a minotaur mercenary in Stalker’s employ who seemed to be Brass Knuckles’ (ostensibly Tempered Steel’s) brother.

Stalker explained that it would cost them 5,000 caps each, both to free Trigger from his slavery and to provide severance pay for the mercenary Copper Wire, for a total of 10,000 caps. Riches that neither Firelight nor Xencarn had available, nor did the rest of the Dragon Mawlers.

Just as Firelight and Xencarn had decided to leave and come back with either the caps or a new plan, Stalker got a call on his radio, presumably from the Executive. Stalker then informed the group that the price was reduced to 3,500 caps each, for a total of 7,000. In exchange, Firelight would have to stay at the camp until the transaction was completed.
Xencarn offered himself up as trade, to stay at the camp and let Firelight get the payment instead. Stalker agreed to this, saying that he could use a necromancer around the camp in the meantime. Firelight objected at first, but Xencarn insisted that Firelight was more useful to the party than he was, especially if they ended up taking on a dragon to earn enough loot for the ransom.

Firelight eventually relented, but insisted on trying to heal Trigger’s wounds before he left. At this point, Firelight had become a miracle worker when it came to magical medicine. Between some healing potions, a doctor’s bag, Firelight’s innate healing talent, and a great deal of luck, Firelight was able to restore Trigger’s sight. Amidst Trigger’s teary-eyed gratitude, Firelight was then escorted out of the camp.

Xencarn was then put in one of the slave cages and told to wait for instructions.

Session 14

DJ Smack Talk’s Broadcast

“Hey, everypony! DJ Smack Talk here again. Just wanna say thanks for all the calls you’ve been sending in, all the kind words of support. And the threats, too, actually. Makes us feel like a legitimate Wasteland radio, ha! Anyway, time for some news!
Time for your favorite segment: Where are the Dragon Mawlers now? Well, last I heard, they were just exiting Skyfall. See, they got wind of the slaver gang run by a unicorn named Stalker. Now this ain’t your average slaver gang. It’s super-well funded, probably by The Executive – yeah, I know you’re listening you fat sack of… anyway – and get this, Stalker’s gang only goes after ex-raiders. Yeah. If you’re lookin’ to get out of the Four Horses business, and frankly with the Raider-Killer on the loose why wouldn’t you, then you better watch out that you don’t get picked up by slavers. Youch. Hopefully our local dragon-slayers are on their way to deal with that right now. More as that develops.
Some other headlines for you ponies (and other) out there:
A source in Gold Rush tells me that the town’s officially planning to expand with more homes, due to a wave of new Outcasts. All thanks to the Dragon Mawlers, of course.
In the town of Ribcage, after like three months of being banned, the Cult of Tiamat is finally allowed to preach their gospel within its walls again. Huh, wonder what changed.
And finally in Skyfall, the town’s all abuzz because… heh, abuzz becuz, ha, classic… uh, right, the Black Lotus Prospectors are making another run on a dragon. I’ve been asked not to share the details so that no one tries to poach ‘em, but screw it. Hey, Dragon Mawlers! The Black Lotus guys are headed for the Blood dragon! If you’re anywhere near that area, now’s the time to go for it!
Whew! Man, all that news was exhausting. Back to the music. I’m just gonna select a record at random and just play it, see how that goes…”


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